What is Concretetivity?

Concretetivity’s overlay gives worn concrete a face lift regardless of the condition of the substrate. You can create unique and custom looks to meet your interior and exterior needs. Installation of overlays is not limited to concrete surfaces.

Concretetivity can be applied at 3/8” – 2” of thickness that can be troweled, burnished, polished or textured to give each application a custom concrete floors, walls, countertops or stair cases, so let your imagination run.

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Concretetivity’s polymer modified formula develops high adhesive strength on properly prepared sub-flooring. Designed to take the measuring and guess work out of the formula – everything is divisible by 8 so you never have to make more than you need.

Concretetivity may be used over concrete, wood, steel or polystyrene foam and readily accepts decorative applications like stains, dyes, integral coloring, polishing, or stamping. Cement-based composition builds strength up to 8000 psi, matching high quality concrete.

  • Creates a true concrete surface (not sandy or plastic)
  • Applied at only 3/8”-2” thick – so not to take more real estate than tile, yet can be used as a more versatile alternative.
  • Can be integrally colored – we can help with custom colors
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Superior bonding to substrate surfaces.
  • Superior compressive strength, 8,000 psi in 28 days

CCS’s Concretetivity is a cement-based, polymer modified overlayment system designed to provide a variety of flooring finishes efficiently and beautifully. CCS’s Concretetivity is a final finish in residential, industrial, or commercial environments. It provides rapid, economical casting, repair and leveling in exterior exposures and in wet environments. It readily accepts a variety of finishes, or may be left exposed to traffic and weather.

Couture Concrete Systems 3/8” Concrete Topping was designed to be the perfect solution to refurbish old concrete, taking worn out surfaces and turning them into sophisticated palettes or exciting expanses of vibrant colors, patterns and texture. It can be applied at 3/8” – 2” of thickness that can be troweled, burnished and polished to give each application a custom concrete floor.

Even new construction can benefit, when complex design and color choices make
multiple forming and pouring phases very costly. Couture Concrete Systems is an economical and time saving application method. In a industry where deadlines are critical and budgets have constraints architects and designers, are finding Couture Concrete Systems 3/8” Concrete Topping to be the perfect solution.

This one is the big one –
By tolling our bagged materials in 8 different plants within the U.S. and Mexico, allowing us to toll product 500 miles from every major marketing. It also reduces the shipping cost of the product.

Titanium Dioxide; photocatalysis; air purification; surface treatment

Photocatalytic TiO2 cement building materials and coverings may absorb and eliminate from 20% to 80% of air pollutants. The TiO2 covering functions as a self-cleaning chemical to keep the surface free of accumulating air pollution.

Using Titanium Dioxide in Concretetivity’s white concrete can achieve this reaction by adding sunlight/UV light. TiO2 has the ability to absorb UV light; this capture of UV radiation then enables a catalytic reaction to take place which destroys common pollutants that happen to touch the surface of the titanium dioxide.reduction over time of the efficiency of air purification of 20% after 1 year.

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